Sanford Kravette

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Links to Other Web Sites

Here’s a site where you can view my study flash cards:

     ✦     Quizlet: www.quizlet.com/kravette

Here are some great sites to pick up your music supplies:

     ✦     For ordering reeds or instrumental supplies:  www.music123.com

     ✦     For ordering sheet music of all kinds:  www.sheetmusicplus.com

     ✦     For sheet music from a local retailer:  www.youngsmusic.com

     ✦     For the best local price on professional wind instruments:  www.nazarethmusic.com

     ✦     For local prices on electric keyboards & PA gear:

   http://stores.guitarcenter.com/Allentown or www.davephillipsmusic.com

     ✦     If you’re looking for an acoustic grand piano:  www.jacobsmusic.com, www.johnjzeiner.com,

            www.graftonpiano.com, or www.grandstrandpianocenter.com

Use this box to search for new sheet music: